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Recommended Resources

Please note that I might (and might not) make a bit of change to help me with website expenses when you follow the links listed on this page.


I've been doing this a while (since 1997)...

Domain Registration:

Domain Hostmaster
I will tell you that this is my own property, but we provide the very best domain name registration & transfer prices, including the best ICANN 'new era' Top Level Domain (TLD) selection, backed by a dedicated staff of customer support professionals.

Web Hosting:

HD Web Hosting
Nothing compares well to the genuine cloud hosting available from HD Web Hosting. While this is again my own service, I personally had to move almost all of my websites off of the Domain Hostmaster hosting platform in favor of faster and more reliable Linux Apache 2 web hosting from the Steadfast network operations center in Chicago.

Resell the same web hosting services I do. Get started for free. Market the heck out of it and invest once you see results.


Every webmaster needs to take advantage of only the very best free promotional opportunities as well as have a real, solid marketing campaign plan.

Search Engines

I won't point you to Google, Bing & Apple, but you already know you will find them at the top of everyone's list (even mine, despite my reservations about these data-mining companies). Don't just submit your website to these major search result facilities with their related Webmaster Tools, though, submit your business to their business index and add your location to each of their associated map services.

Active Search Results
ASR ranks user submissions based on the submitting member's activity within the system for that week. Be helpful and kind, and you might just rank quite well here.

Anmoox is a free (but member supported) search engine that uses user activity within their own social network to rank submitted websites. They are also a PPC advertising engine, but I have never had luck with any such PPC Ad system (ever).


There are a variety of genereal directories that rank well and do a nice job of listing your website. Be sure to stay clear of link farms, spammy directories and link exchanges, though. If you wouldn't recommend a sketchy website to a friend, by all means don't recommend it publicly. I follow that same rule with this resource idex.

Viesearch - Life powered search. This is a well-ranked independent general web directory. Although they offer free and reciprocal link listings, I highly recommend paying for a featured listing when they have one of their specials (which is often), for your important websites. Reviews are quick and they do seem to help drive traffic.


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